What to Expect

All visits typically involve about 40 minutes of one on one time with your physical therapist.

First Visit:
  • Comprehensive evaluation specific to your condition and input
  • Development of a personalized plan of care that addresses your goals and concerns
  • Initial treatment that may include instruction for self care and/or exercise

Follow Up Visits:

  • Additional assessment as needed to further direct your care and optimize your recovery
  • Treatment may include a combination of…
    • Hands on manual work
    • Exercise to reduce pain and improve function which may include strengthening, range of motion, coordination, and/or balance interventions
    • Modalities (Ultrasound, Electrical Stimulation, Heat/Ice, Traction) as necessary toaddress pain and/ or prepare for hands on work or exercise

Home Work:

It is important to note that therapy does not end when the visits to our clinic are over. Part of our process is to include education and home programs to teach you to treat yourself. This allows you to make the gains maintain the gains made in therapy stay better.